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Automating Tasks with TWICE and Make
Automating Tasks with TWICE and Make

Learn How to Connect TWICE with Make for Automated Task Management

Updated over a week ago

Linking TWICE with (formerly Integromat) streamlines your workflow through automation, even without a dedicated TWICE module on This connection can be efficiently established using webhooks.

Setting Up Your Integration

  1. Initiate a New Scenario: Start by creating a new scenario on For assistance, visit's Help Center on Creating a Scenario.

  2. Configure the Trigger Event:

    • Choose "Webhooks" as the module to start your scenario. For detailed instructions on setting up webhooks, refer to Setting up Webhooks.

    • Once the webhook is set, will provide you with a unique URL for POST requests. This URL will be essential for connecting with TWICE.

  3. Establish a Webhook in TWICE

    • With the URL from in hand, proceed to create a new webhook in your TWICE Admin. Enter the provided URL to establish the connection. For a detailed guide on creating a webhook in TWICE, review the dedicated article.

  4. Finalize Your Automation

    • After setting up the webhook, will receive notifications each time the specified trigger event occurs in TWICE. You can now configure the subsequent actions within your scenario to automate tasks based on the notifications received from TWICE.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected TWICE with!

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