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FAQ - Exporting Orders to Spreadsheet

Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions When Linking TWICE to Google Sheets

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Why Do My Google Sheets Modules Look Differently?

If the Google Sheets modules in Make appear different from what you expected, it might be due to updates or changes within Make itself. Always start by creating a new scenario from the template provided to ensure you have the correct setup base.

Why can't I select my Spreadsheet in the Google Sheets module?

If you're unable to select your spreadsheet within a module, ensure you started by creating a new scenario from the template. The guided setup from the template is designed to bypass certain setup complexities, but it may not cover every step in full detail.

Why Is There a Different Spreadsheet ID Pre-Filled in Module 3?

The pre-filled Spreadsheet ID in the "Add a Row" module corresponds to the template provided for ease of setup. This ensures that essential variables are pre-selected for you. To use your spreadsheet, click on the pre-filled ID to select your intended document.

How Can I Add Different Columns?

How Can I Display Different Information in My Spreadsheet?

Adding new columns to your spreadsheet for additional data can be done by following these steps:

  1. Simply add a new column at your desired location, preferably at the end of existing columns for simplicity.

  2. Name your new column with a suitable header in the first row.

  3. In Make, within modules 3 "Add a Row" and 4 "Update a Row", refresh the "Table Contains Headers" option. Then, scroll to your newly added column and map the correct attribute from the TWICE webhook data.

If you're unsure about which attributes are available or how to map them correctly, our Webhook Documentation offers comprehensive details on which offers comprehensive information on all available data points for integration, enabling you to customize your Google Sheets to best suit your business needs.

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