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FAQs - Google Calendar Connection

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting for Connecting TWICE to Your Google Calendar

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Can I Create Orders in the Google Calendar?

Currently, the integration only allows for the export of TWICE orders to your Google Calendar. It does not support creating new TWICE orders directly from Google Calendar. This means the synchronization is one-way: from TWICE to your Google Calendar, without the ability to create or sync orders back to TWICE.

The Status of My Webhook Does Not Turn to "Success"

If you encounter an issue where the status of your webhook in Make or within TWICE Admin > Integrations does not change to "Success", revisit Step 1 of our guide. Ensure you've accurately copied the correct URL from Make to TWICE, as an incorrect URL is often the cause of this problem.

I Want to See More / Other Information in My Google Calendar Events

By default, the Google Calendar events created through this integration include the start and end time, customer name, contact details, total price, and the TWICE Order ID. If you require additional information displayed:

  1. Access the Google Calendar modules in Make responsible for updating and creating an event.

  2. In the Description section, select which additional information you desire from the list provided. This can include more customer details, pricing, and payment information, all of which are found in the webhook data from TWICE.

  3. To include specific formatting or calculations, such as adjusting currency units, utilize the "math functions" for proper display.

Often used:

  • Additional Customer information, such as e-mail or phone number can be found under Data > CustomerDetails

  • Total order price and amount paid can be found underpricing > total and payment > paid respectively. Note: the prices are retrieved from Twice in your currency's minor units; to display the prices appropriately, divide the price by 100 via the "math functions" section. Add a division slash and type 100

  • Link to the order can be created by typing[1. data: id]

Apply these adjustments to both relevant Google Calendar modules and save your changes to enhance the information richness of your calendar events.

What Kind of Information Can I Choose to Display in My Google Calendar Events?

I can't find what in Make what I am looking for.

If you're questioning the types of information that can be included in your Google Calendar events through the TWICE integration, or if you're unsure about how to select specific data points for display, our setup allows for a broad range of information to be chosen.

Should you need specific information not immediately apparent in the setup process, or if you require detailed guidance on selecting the appropriate options for your calendar events, we encourage you to consult our Webhook documentation. This comprehensive guide offers in-depth information on all available data points for integration, enabling you to customize your Google Calendar events to best suit your business needs.

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