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Prerequisites to Export Orders to Spreadsheet

Learn How This Connection Streamlines Your Order Management Workflow

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Integrating TWICE with Google Sheets through Make provides a powerful way to automate the management of your orders. This guide offers a straightforward method to connect TWICE to your Google Sheets, using Make's no-code automation tools. With the help of a free template provided within this guide, you won't need to delve into the intricacies of Make. This connection automates the addition, update, and deletion of TWICE orders within your spreadsheet, optimizing your order management process.

How Does This Automation Work?

Linking your TWICE account with Google Sheets via Make enables several automated functions:

  • Automatically adds new TWICE orders as new rows in your spreadsheet.

  • Automatically updates existing orders in the spreadsheet whenever modifications occur in TWICE.

  • Automatically deletes the spreadsheet row corresponding to any TWICE order you cancel.

Note: This automation does not transfer already existing orders.

What You Need to Get Started

To prepare for this setup, you'll need:

In this initial setup, the spreadsheet will include predefined columns essential for order management. To customize these columns—whether to add new ones, edit, or remove existing ones—please refer to our FAQs for guidance.

This setup marks the beginning of a streamlined scheduling process, ensuring your Google Sheet accurately mirrors your TWICE orders in real time. Proceed to the next section, How to Connect TWICE With Your Google Sheets, for detailed step-by-step instructions.

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