Customer Journey - Sales Products

Learn how your customers purchase products in your online store

Your Twice online store is designed to be as intuitive as possible, providing a great experience for all your customers. Find out how your customers experience ordering a subscription product from you.

Note: The actual customer journey depends on your chosen homepage layout, and additional settings, such as product variants, deliveries, and recommended products.

  1. When browsing your online store your customers will select the product they are interested in by clicking on its image, headline, or price.
  2. Your customers can now select to buy the product.
  3. After clicking the add to order button, your customer's order will be displayed in the upper right corner and they can choose to continue shopping or proceed to checkout.
  4. In the Checkout stage, your customers will provide their contact details, agree to your Terms of Service and choose their payment method.
  5. With a click on the large pay or confirm button, the order is placed and your customers will receive an automated booking confirmation