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Customizing Your Online Store

How to Customize the Appearance of Your TWICE Online Store Using Themes

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Every TWICE account comes with a ready-made online store, allowing you to quickly start selling and renting your products. The default TWICE Standard theme provides a basic layout, but you can create and customize additional themes to match your brand and seasonal promotions. You can modify your online store's look and feel in the customizer with the available options outlined below.

Where to Find Your Store Themes

In your TWICE Admin, navigate to Settings > Online Store.

Here, you can manage, activate, and customize your store themes. Initially, you will have the TWICE Standard and a Plain theme available.

After creating at least one additional theme, a green "Live" indicator will show which theme is currently visible in your TWICE online store. To activate another theme, click Activate in the respective theme section. Use the three dots to rename your themes, allowing you to prepare different themes in advance and activate them as needed.

Start Creating Your Own Theme

To start customizing your theme:

  • Select the theme you want to edit and click Manage or Customize, or click +Create new theme to start from scratch.

  • The customizer will open, allowing you to edit various sections:

    • Global Settings: Customize general theme settings, header, and footer of your TWICE online store.

    • Homepage: Customize the layout and featured image of your homepage.

    • About: Add sections according to your business requirements.

    • Checkout: Add multiple checkboxes and forms to your checkout process.

A screenshot of the customizer highlighting the four sections Global Settings, Homepage, About and Checkout.

Save, Reset, and Publish Your New Theme

When customizing your themes, you can choose whether to publish the changes immediately or save them for later.

  • Save: Save the theme you are working on without publishing the changes. You can come back later to make further adjustments or publish it when ready. Use the dropdown menu to Save under the current name, Save as new theme, or Reset to the current live version.

  • Publish: Use the Publish button to decide which store locations will display the current theme. This allows you to manage multiple store locations from one central place.

Managing Themes for Multiple Store Locations

When operating multiple TWICE store locations, the customizer allows you to manage their online appearances centrally. You can create one theme for all locations or define multiple themes, choosing freely which layout to display for each location.

For example, if your shop operates three different store locations, you might have the TWICE Standard Theme live in one location, the main store theme live in the other two locations, and a draft theme ready to publish later.

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