Setting up deliveries

Customer journey delivery options

Learn how your customers can place orders for delivery in your online store

Once you've set up delivery in your Delivery settings, they will be visible in your online store. Click the Online Store button in the top-right corner to view your online store.

Here is how your customers will experience placing an order for delivery in your online store:

  1. While browsing your online store, customers can choose between Store Pickup and Delivery at the top of the page.
  2. If they select delivery, a pop-up window will display all available delivery options for the store.
  3. Once a delivery option is chosen, the online store will only show products available with that specific delivery option. The selected delivery option is visible on the top right and can be changed at any time, though it will reset the customer's shopping cart.
  4. Instead of the order start time, your customer will choose the delivery slot when selecting a product.
  5. At the checkout, customers provide address details and additional delivery information. Additionally, they can choose to add collection service (if it's permitted by the seller) after the booking ends and select a pickup slot.