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Creating pickup points

How to create pre-defined pickup points for your customers to choose from

In Rentle, you have the flexibility to pre-define certain locations, which can be used for both delivery and pickup purposes. These pre-defined locations allow your customers to choose from a list of predetermined addresses as opposed to entering their own custom delivery address when ordering your products. This guide will walk you through the steps to create and use pre-defined pickup points in Rentle.

Note: The number of available pickup points depends on your chosen Twice Plan.

On this page:

1. Creating pre-defined pickup points

2. Assigning pre-defined pickup points

1. Creating predefined pickup points

Delivery and pickup locations are easily set up in Rentle:
  1. In your Twice Admin, navigate to Delivery.
  2. Under Pickup Points, select New Pickup Point
  3. A modal will appear, allowing you to enter the details of the new location:
    • Name of the Pickup Point
    • Address
    • Additional information
  4. Click save to create the newly defined location

Number of available pickup points per pricing plan:

Free: 1 Pickup Point

Discover: 2 Pickup Points

Build: 5 Pickup Points

Advance: 20 Pickup Points

2. Assigning pre-defined locations to delivery options

Prerequisite: Firstly, create a delivery option as outlined in this support article ->

  1. In the section Delivery Area select Pickup Points
  2. Choose the pickup points you want to offer within this delivery options.
    • You can choose all existing pickup points
    • Or select specific pickup points you have created

In the example below, bikes are rented out to customers staying in hotels. Customers can order their bikes to be delivered directly to their hotel.