Using the in-store check-in kiosks

How to set up check-in kiosks

Every Twice account comes with the possibility to use in-store check-in kiosks. To set up check-in kiosks, you only need devices with an Internet connection.

The check-in kiosk runs in an Internet browser, just like any website. The interface is designed for a tablet, but it also works with a computer or smartphone. Hence, during the busier days, when a queue starts to form behind the check-in kiosks, you can instruct your customers to use their own smartphones to check-in, for instance, by writing the check-in kiosk URL somewhere visible near the tablets.

The purpose of the in-store check-in kiosk is to allow your customers to check-in independently. This is extremely handy in busier rental shops, such as ski shops. Check-in kiosks not only speed up your customer service but also save your team's time.

Note: To use this feature, make sure to upgrade your Twice Plan Advance.

Setting up the check-in kiosks

Choosing how many check-in kiosks you should have is entirely up to you. Twice doesn't limit the number of check-in kiosks you can have in your store. To add a new check-in kiosk, visit your local electronics dealer and buy a new device.

You can find the check-in kiosk URL from your Settings > Channels. Scroll down to the Check-in section, type the URL to your check-in kiosk device's browser, and that's it. To avoid your customers starting to surf the Internet with your check-in kiosk, you should set it in the kiosk mode.

You can also customize the colors and button styles of your check-in kiosks.

Your check-in kiosk URLs are always in the form:

NOTE: Different store locations have unique URLs. Make sure you type the right location's URL in the browser.