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TWICE Embed Builder

How to Access and Use the TWICE Embed Builder to Easily Obtain the Right Code Snippets

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The TWICE Embed Builder simplifies the process of integrating your TWICE store into your website by providing you with the necessary code snippets. With no coding experience required, our step-by-step guide ensures you can easily find and use the correct code

for embedding.

Accessing the TWICE Embed Builder

To access the TWICE Embed Builder:

  • Navigate to

  • Enter Your Store Name: Your store name can be located in your account under 'Domain & URL' or directly from your TWICE store’s URL.

Using the TWICE Embed Builder to Get Embed Codes

  1. View Your Store: The lower half of the screen will display your TWICE Store. Navigate within the TWICE Store to the specific section you wish to embed.

  2. Copy Embed Code: Click the Copy Embed Code </> button located in the lower right corner of your screen. This action opens a small window displaying the necessary code snippets.

    • Add Script Tag: Displayed at the top, this script tag needs to be added once to your website, ideally within the <head></head> section of your index.html.

    • Embed Your Store: The lower section of the window provides the exact code snippet for embedding the specific product or category you selected.

Multiple Embeds:

  • To embed multiple sections of your TWICE store in different locations on your website, simply close the current window and repeat the steps above to retrieve additional code snippets for other sections.

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