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Understanding how the Twice App integrates with the Wix Stores Checkout

Exploring the Seamless Connection Between the Twice App and Your Wix Shopping Cart and Checkout

The integration between the Twice App and Wix Stores checkout automatically connects your Twice Products to your Wix cart and checkout, creating a streamlined shopping experience for your customers.

This allows for the simultaneous checkout of both Twice and Wix products, enhancing customer convenience by consolidating sales and rental purchases into a single transaction.

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How does Twice integrate with the Wix Checkout

Customizing the Checkout

How does Twice integrate with the Wix Checkout

1.  Ensure you have Wix Stores installed before installing the Twice App. 

2. After installing the Twice App your Twice product pages are automatically connected with your Wix cart and checkout. 

3. Adding a Twice product to cart adds it directly to your Wix cart for checkout and accepting payments.

Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 9.20.08

An example of a Twice product page


Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 9-19-32-png

Example of a Twice product added to the Wix cart. 


Customizing the Checkout

All settings to tailor the checkout experience are done through Wix. In your Wix dashboard, navigate to Settings to find a variety of customization options.


In the eCommerce Settings, you can among others

  • Set up your Checkout Policies, (Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and more)
  • Enable gift cards
  • Enable and edit email order notification
  • Enable and edit shipping confirmation
  • and much more...

Define what payment methods to accept from your customers via Accept payments.

Set up your Shipping & Fulfilment regions and rates.


Note that this is not a comprehensive list of settings, but comprises the most frequently asked-for settings when getting started with Twice App. 

More help can be found from Wix's thorough Support Center