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Installing TWICE Rentals on your Wix website

Step-by-step guide to adding the TWICE Rentals App to your Wix account.

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Adding the TWICE Rentals App to your Wix website lets you seamlessly sell rentals, services, and activities online. With Wix as your website builder and TWICE to sell rentals, services, and activities, you can centralize your operations on a single platform.

Note: This guide is intended for new TWICE accounts created through the Wix App Market. Integration for existing TWICE accounts is forthcoming.

How to install TWICE Rentals on your Wix account

Installation steps:

  1. Sign in to your Wix account.

  2. Head to the Wix App Market and look for TWICE Rentals.

  3. Select Add to Site to initiate the installation.

  4. Create a new TWICE account by providing your email and setting up a password.

  5. Confirm installation and you are all set ✨

Next steps after installing the TWICE App

Upon installing the TWICE App, you'll notice changes in both your website editor and Wix Dashboard:

  1. Website Editor Enhancement: A "TWICE Store Page" widget will be automatically added to a new page of your site showcasing your products. The necessary tools, such as the shopping cart and the checkout page are automatically installed for you.

    "Screenshot of the 'Twice Store Page' widget displayed on a Wix website, automatically added after the TWICE App installation, showcasing its default layout and placement on the site.

  2. Wix Dashboard Integration: A dedicated TWICE section will appear in your Wix Dashboard, where you can manage your rental catalog, inventory, and settings.

Screenshot showing the Wix dashboard after successful installation of the TWICE Rentals app, with the TWICE Rentals app highlighted to indicate its presence and successful integration.

Additionally, your TWICE products will now be integrated with your Wix Stores cart and checkout, streamlining the shopping experience for your customers.

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