Setting up local deliveries

How to use Twice to offer and manage local deliveries

To take your first booking with delivery, you will first need to decide what kind of delivery options you want to offer and then set up your store's deliveries so that your customers can choose a delivery option in the online store.

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Creating delivery options


Creating delivery options

  1. In your Twice Admin navigate to Delivery.

  2. In the Delivery options section, click New Delivery Option. Twice will open a new delivery options page.

  3. First choose whether you offer
    1. Delivery & optional pickup
    2. Delivery & pickup
    3. or Delivery only
  4. In the About section, specify:

    • Name. For the delivery option that will be visible to your customers.
    • Delivery and pickup prices. The delivery price is a price you charge to deliver products that belong to one booking. Pickup price is the price you charge to pick up products that belong to one booking; after a booking has been ended. If you want to offer free delivery, enter 0 or do not enter anything.Set tax rates for the delivery sales according to your local legislation.
    • Description. Enter a message to customers with details on your delivery option. It might include limitations, such as "The distance must be less than 160 kilometers or 100 miles." or a list of postal codes to which you will deliver,...
  5. In the Products section, choose the products that are available for this delivery option
  6. Availability. Specify when your delivery will be available. Here you can restrict delivery options to bookings with a minimum booking duration and define dates and time slots when you offer delivery. You can create multiple periods with different delivery slots. Choose freely if you allow delivery, pickup and self-return also on days, when your store is closed.

Note: The time slots defined in the availability section are used for both delivery and collection, therefore it's better to create multiple shorter delivery slots to avoid having 0-hour rentals

7. In the Handling time section, specify the time your customers need to place a delivery order the latest. Also define the handling time before and after, to ensure you have enough time to prepare and deliver the products. Products are unavailable in the inventory during the set handling times.

    Note! Handling time doesn't replace maintenance time. Suppose you have a product with 1 hour maintenance time before a booking. The product is available for Standard delivery with a handling time of 2 hours before booking. The product will be unavailable in the inventory for a total of 3 hours before every new booking.

    8. Once you have provided all the desired information, click Create to create the delivery option.

    9. After creation, a delivery option will be immediately available in your online store. If you want to keep it hidden, create the delivery option without specified products.


    • The delivery price must be set by the merchant, as there is currently no option to calculate delivery fees automatically based on the location
    • In case there are multiple location-based delivery options, it is up to the customer to choose the one that applies to their address
    • Delivery cost/availability can't be limited by the order price or duration