Setting up deliveries

Setting up local deliveries

How to use Twice to offer and manage local deliveries

To take your first booking with delivery, you will first need to decide what kind of delivery options you want to offer and then set up your store's deliveries so that your customers can choose a delivery option in the online store.

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Creating delivery options

Creating delivery options

  1. In your Twice Admin navigate to Delivery.
  2. Click on "New Delivery Option" in the Delivery options section to initiate the setup process.
  3. Customise the delivery features by specifying the name, delivery and collection prices, and tax rates for compliance with local legislation.
  4. Provide additional information in the About section, such as a customer-visible name, pricing details, and a description containing any specific limitations or requirements.
  5. In the Products section, choose the specific products eligible for this particular delivery option.
  6. Set the Availability parameters, including restrictions based on booking duration, and define specific dates or time slots for offering delivery services.
  7. Specify the handling time, indicating the latest time for customers to place a delivery order and the time needed before and after deliveries for preparation.

Note: Handling time doesn't replace maintenance time. Suppose you have a product with 1 hour maintenance time before a booking. The product is available for Standard delivery with a handling time of 2 hours before booking. The product will be unavailable in the inventory for a total of 3 hours before every new booking.