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Pending orders

How to find your pending orders, filter and utilize them.

In your Twice Admin App navigate to Orders > Pending to view all your pending orders. Pending orders in Twice are currently all orders that just hold sales products as they do not have a specific start time opposed to rental orders. Mixed orders of rental and sales products are displayed in the upcoming orders.

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How to search for a specific order

Displayed information explained

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How to search for a specific order

On top of the list you have two options to search for a pending order:

  1. Search by name or product code: Search by first or last name of your customers - if multiple customers placed one order together, any of their names will show the correct order. To locate a specific item, you can enter the entire article ID in the search bar
  2. Search by date: Click the calendar icon and choose a time period from the dropdown if you want to view all sales orders that were placed in a specific time. You can also enter a custom range "from: date included to: date excluded"

Displayed information explained

All pending orders are listed by their order placement date

Date: The date, your customer has placed the order

Customer: The name of the customer, who has placed the order

Products: All sales products included in the order

Status: Shows, if the order is "pending", meaning it is waiting for fulfillment

Payment: Shows, if the order is unpaid or paid

Preparation: Shows, if the order is already prepared or not

Price (currency): The sales price for the order

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Edit orders ->

Export a .CSV file -->

Fulfill a sales order -> TBA