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Managing Orders in your Twice App on Wix

How to effectively handle your Twice Orders within Wix

Incorporating Twice rental orders into your Wix website allows you to manage a seamless rental experience alongside your traditional sales. This process involves monitoring new orders through both the Wix and Twice dashboards to ensure comprehensive management of payments, shipping, and rental order fulfillment.

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Fulfilling Twice Orders in Wix

Editing Twice Orders in Wix

Fulfilling Twice Orders in Wix

New orders appear in both your Wix and Twice dashboards, where e.g. payment and shipping are managed through Wix, and rental-specific actions, such as starting and ending rentals, are handled in the Twice dashboard.

Find all your Orders within the Twice Rentals Dashboard >  Orders



To start an upcoming order, simply click on the order to open it and select the green "Start" button from the right side panel. Find the details on order fulfillment in this article ->

Upon return, you also want to end the order, so Twice's live availability calculation displays your products accurately. Read more on returning orders in this article ->

Note that the order payment related information does not apply when using the Twice App on Wix, as all payments are handled and managed through Wix's payment processing.

Editing Twice Orders in Wix

To edit any of your Twice orders, choose the order from the Twice Rentals Dashboard > Orders. Here you find all your upcoming, active, and completed rental orders.

Select a specific order to edit e.g. the rental duration or add additional products to the order. Click the links below to learn more about searching for a specific order.

Upcoming orders: All existing rental orders with a start date either today or in the future, grouped by start date. Learn more about your upcoming orders->

Active orders: All currently active rental orders are organized and sorted by their return date in ascending order for easy tracking. Learn more about your active orders ->

Completed orders: All past and already fulfilled, or canceled orders including customer names, products, payment status, and more. Learn more about your completed orders ->