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Prerequisites to Export Orders to Spreadsheet

How does this connection work and what do you need to set it up

This guide will help you connect Twice to your Google Sheets with an automation tool called Make. Make is free to get started with and this guide will provide you with a free template so you won't need to learn how Make works in detail. 

On this page:

How does this automation work?

What is needed to get started

How does this automation work?

The connection between your Twice account and your Google Sheets will: 

  • Automatically add new Twice orders as new rows to the Spreadsheet.
  • Automatically update existing orders in the Spreadsheet when you modify them in Twice.
  • Automatically delete the row from the Spreadsheet if you cancel your order in Rentle.

Tip: You can later modify and customize the automation in Make to suite your specific needs. 

What is needed to get started

  1. A Twice Build or Advance plan to utilize webhooks.
     View Twice pricing plans -->
  2. A Google account:
    Create a free Google Account -->
    Create a new Spreadsheet by copying this template to your Google Drive (File > Make a copy; adjust name, select folder in your Google Drive)

    In this setup we use the following columns, which shall not be edited just yet. To add different columns, edit or remove the existing columns, head over to our FAQs [coming soon].
  3. A Make account.
    Create a free Make account -->