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Editing User Permissions based on Location
Editing User Permissions based on Location

Learn How to Change User Permissions in a Multi-Location Account

Updated over a week ago

Managing user permissions is essential to maintain the security and efficiency of store operations. Staff members often require access specific to their work location. For comprehensive details on user permissions, refer to our article, Managing User Permissions.

Steps to Edit User Access to Stores

  1. Navigate to User Settings:

    • Go to Usersin your account settings on TWICE Admin.

  2. Select the User:

    • Locate the user whose store access needs modification and click on Edit for that user.

  3. Adjust Store Access:

    • In the dialog that opens, click on the Stores dropdown.

    • Select or deselect stores to define where the user has permission to access.

  4. Confirm Changes:

    • After adjusting the settings, ensure all changes are confirmed by reviewing the selected stores. This step finalizes the access permissions for the selected user.

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