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Sales Listings Overview in TWICE
Sales Listings Overview in TWICE

View Your Listings and Understand Different Status Types

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Managing your sales listings effectively is crucial for tracking their performance and understanding where each item stands in the sales process. This guide provides an overview of how to view your listings in TWICE and explains the various status types each listing can have.

Viewing Your Listings

  1. Navigate to the Resale Section:

    • To view all your current listings or to create a new one, go to the Resale section of your TWICE Admin.

  2. Overview of Listings:

    • In the overview section, you will see each listing's thumbnail, title, the listing's status, the price, and the dates the listing was created and potentially updated.

Screenshot of various sales listings and their various statuses in a TWICE account.

Understanding Status Types

Each status type provides important information about the stage of the sales process your listing is in. Here’s what each status signifies:

  • Published:

    • The listing has been successfully created and is now live. It is accessible to customers via its unique URL and is available for viewing and purchase.

  • Reserved:

    • A customer has expressed intent to purchase by clicking the 'buy' button. The item is then reserved and no longer available for others to buy. This status secures the item for the interested customer, though the sale is not yet finalized.

    • Possible Actions: Mark as sold, Mark as completed.

  • Draft:

    • The listing is in an unpublished state, allowing further refinement and adjustments without public visibility. This stage is used for fine-tuning details before making the listing live.

    • Possible Actions: Publish, Mark as completed.

  • Sold:

    • This status is assigned when a listing is marked as sold, indicating that the item has been purchased and the payment has been received.

  • Completed:

    • This status is used when marking a listing as completed, indicating that the sales process has been successfully finalized. It signifies the conclusion of the transaction and the handover process.

Managing Listings

  • Actions: For each listing, select the three dots on the right to perform various tasks related to the current status of the listing, such as marking it as sold or completed.

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