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FAQ - TWICE Resales Section
FAQ - TWICE Resales Section

Frequently Asked Questions on the Resales Section in Your TWICE Admin

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Why is the resales section separate from the rental side?

In a nutshell, Rentals and Resales are playing in separate sandboxes right now. For Rentals, we're accustomed to setting up an SKU-based inventory on one hand and creating the product catalog on the other hand.

Resales keep it even simpler: We don't have a dedicated inventory here โ€“ one item equals one listing. Rentals have their comfy spot in the included TWICE online store, while Resales are spread into the world with unique URLs. Eventually, everything will come together seamlessly, but we still have some work to do for that.

What is a listing?

A listing is a digital profile for each item you're putting up for sale in our Resales feature. It's like your item's online ID card, featuring the price, an image, and a description. The unique URL makes it easy to share on various channels at the same time. When someone buys it, the link updates everywhere simultaneously, and the item is displayed as sold behind the link.

For example, you could share your listing's URL in relevant Facebook groups, on TikTok as well as on Instagram. If one of your Instagram Followers buys the item, the information behind the unique link will update immediately on Facebook and TikTok as well and the item will be displayed as sold.

How is a sales product on the rental side different from a Resales Listing?

The primary difference lies in how these items are managed and presented:

Sales Products (on the Rental Section) are part of a larger product catalog. The product itself is displayed automatically in your TWICE Online Store. It is connected to your inventory via SKU, in which in turn individual articles represent individual items. This allows e.g. Selling the product "Waterbottle" while connecting a SKU in the back that holds 100 water bottles of the same type - it does not matter in this case which particular bottle a customer buys, as long as it is a bottle of water.

Resales Listings: Each listing represents a single, unique item for sale, this removes the hassle to set up individual SKUs and Articles, as we are reselling one individual, unique item. Imagine reselling a used car - You'd like to know specifically what brand and model, what engine, what milage, what scratches,... all the details that apply only to this individual car can't be grouped up under one SKU "used car".

Resales Listings can be shared vie their unique wherever you want.

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