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FAQ - Connecting Custom Domains
FAQ - Connecting Custom Domains

Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions When Connecting Your Own Domain to TWICE

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Understanding DNS Update Delays

  • DNS Propagation: After updating your DNS records, it typically takes a few hours for the changes to propagate throughout the internet. Please wait one to two hours and then attempt to validate your settings again.

A Record Errors

If you encounter issues related to A records:

  1. Check Existing Records:

    • Ensure there are no old A or AAAA records still active.

    • Wait at least two hours after making changes before attempting verification.

    • You should have one A record with the "@" key pointing to

CNAME Record Errors

For CNAME record issues:

  1. Verify Record Configuration:

    • Confirm there is only one CNAME record for the desired name and no A records conflicting under that name.

    • For instance, if registering, you should have only one record for 'shop' pointing to without any A records for 'shop'.

    • Wait two hours after updating records before verifying.

    • Ensure the CNAME record value is correct; e.g.,

    • When adding subdomains like, the record should be 'rent', not ''; for, it should be '', not ''.

My Provider Does Not Support CNAME or A Records

  • NS Records Only: If your provider does not offer A or CNAME records, consider transferring your domain to a provider that does, such as Cloudflare or Google Domains.

Editing A Records Issues

If you cannot edit A records:

  1. Check for Redirect Rules:

    • Inspect your DNS settings for any existing redirect rules which might lock the A records.

    • Remove any redirecting options and wait a few minutes for the A records to be unlocked.

Accessing DNS Settings

  • Provider-Specific Instructions: Each domain provider has unique procedures for updating DNS settings. Consult your provider’s documentation for detailed instructions. We provide a list of common providers and their DNS settings documentation for easy access.

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