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Connect Your Custom Domain to TWICE
Connect Your Custom Domain to TWICE

How to Connect Your Own Domain or Subdomain to Your TWICE Online Store

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By default, your TWICE online store is accessible at[yourstorename]/[yourlocation], where [yourstorename] is the store name you entered in your Settings > General. If you operate multiple store locations, the [yourlocation] indicates the respective store location.

Where and Why to Get a Custom Domain

By adding a custom domain, you can make your store accessible from an address that is easy to remember for your customers, such as You can use any known service, such as GoDaddy or Google Domains, to purchase an available domain you like.

TWICE does not sell any domains but offers you the possibility to connect your own domain to your TWICE store by following the instructions below. A free SSL certificate is provided to all domains connected to Twice, ensuring a secure connection to your online store.

Connect Your Domain to TWICE

To use your own domain for your Twice store, follow these steps:

  1. In your Twice Admin, navigate to Account > Domains & URLs.

  2. On the Domains tab, click Connect existing domain.

  3. Add the domain name that you want to connect to the “Connect existing domain” modal, and click Next.

You can choose to add either the main domain (such as or a subdomain (such as

  • If you connect your main domain, it does not matter if you add it with or without the www prefix. By default, TWICE will connect the www domain and redirect traffic from the non-www domain, so your domain will automatically work with or without the www prefix.

  • When connecting a subdomain, it is recommended to add it without a www prefix.

After adding your domain name and clicking Next, you will need to verify that you own the domain. This step is necessary so we point the domain to your correct Twice store.

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