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FAQ - Root Domain not Loading Over HTTPS
FAQ - Root Domain not Loading Over HTTPS

Learn Why Your Root Domain May Not Load Over HTTPS and How to Set Up HTTPS Redirection

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Ensuring that your TWICE store is accessible via HTTPS is crucial for maintaining secure communication between your customers and your online platform. If your root domain is not loading correctly over HTTPS, especially without the www-prefix, this guide will help you understand and resolve the issue.

Understanding HTTPS Issues with Root Domains

When you connect a root domain (like to TWICE, it might not load over HTTPS (e.g., if accessed directly without the www-prefix. This issue arises because:

  • SSL Certificates: TWICE automatically assigns SSL certificates to domains with the www prefix, which secures connections and redirects traffic from the root domain to the www domain. However, TWICE cannot directly assign SSL certificates to root domains accessed without the www prefix.

  • Redirection Limitations: Without an SSL certificate for the root domain, HTTPS redirection directly to is not feasible. This means that accessing the root domain directly using HTTPS might not work.

Why HTTPS Redirection for Root Domains Matters

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): If your non-www root domain was previously secured and used, search engines like Google might have indexed it. Ensuring that this version of the domain also redirects to the secured www version can help maintain your SEO standing and ensure users find the correct site.

  • Uniform Resource Access: While TWICE and search services typically default to the www version, setting up HTTPS redirection ensures all users reach your site securely, regardless of how they type your domain.

Configuring HTTPS Redirection for Root Domains

To enable HTTPS redirection from your root domain to your www domain, you will need to implement solutions outside of TWICE:

  1. DNS Provider Setup:

    • Check if your DNS provider supports secure HTTPS redirection from the root domain to the www subdomain. If supported, follow their setup instructions to implement the redirection.

  2. Third-Party Redirection Services:

    • Consider using services like EasyRedir or Redirect.Pizza, which specialize in managing secure domain redirections. Configure these services to redirect your root domain to your www domain securely.

  3. SSL Certificate on Your Server:

    • If your root domain is linked to a server you control, you can add an SSL certificate to that server. Following this, set up a redirection from your root domain to your www domain to ensure secure and consistent access.

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