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Releasing or Charging a Security Deposit
Releasing or Charging a Security Deposit

How to Manage Security Deposits at the End of a Rental Period

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Managing security deposits efficiently ensures both customer satisfaction and protection for your assets. Whether you need to charge the full amount or a portion of the reserved deposit, TWICE provides streamlined processes for handling these transactions based on how the deposit was reserved—automatically or manually.

Steps to Release or Charge a Security Deposit

1. Navigating to Orders:

  • Go to your Orders in your TWICE Admin and open the order you wish to conclude.

2. Ending the Order:

  • Click End Order at the bottom right of the order page as usual. A new window will appear, indicating if a deposit is still held on this order. You have the option to either confirm the release of the deposit or return to the order to charge the deposit.

3. Charging the Deposit:

  • To charge the deposit, select Payment Overview in the right panel of the order. This will open a new window where you can view the transactions overview and the deposit authorization.

  • Here, you have the option to Release or Charge the deposit.

  • If you choose to charge the deposit, a dialog will open allowing you to specify the amount to charge and to provide a reason for this charge.

In case of a manual deposit reservation, you'll see a note, reminding you that this charge will not be captured automatically, but must be handled manually.

In case of an automatic security deposit, the customer will receive an automated email notifying about this charge. The reason stated above will be communicated in this email. You'll also be able to view the receipt for the payment under payment history.

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