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Accessing Payment Details for Orders
Accessing Payment Details for Orders

Learn How to Access Payment Details for Orders

Updated over a week ago

Once your customers have successfully completed online payments for their orders, TWICE provides tools to access and review payment details directly from your TWICE Admin.

This article covers the methods for accessing individual payments and the process for viewing and printing receipts for these transactions.

Accessing an Individual Payment

To access details of an individual payment, you have two primary options:

Option 1: From the Booking Page

  • Navigate to your orders and open the specific order you wish to view.

  • On the right side of the order page, you will see a sidebar displaying payment-related information.

  • Click on the Payment Summary button to find detailed payment history related to that booking.

Option 2: Using Your Accounting Report

  • Access your accounting report to find transactions across all bookings.

  • This report provides a comprehensive view of all payments and can be accessed from the accounting section of your dashboard.

Viewing and Printing a Receipt

For all payments processed through TWICE (i.e. through online payments via TWICE Payments or Stripe) TWICE provides the corresponding payment receipt. Here is how to find, view and print that receipt:

  1. Open the order containing the payment.

  2. In the Payment History sidebar, locate the specific payment.

  3. Click the three dots next to the payment and select Print Receipt.

  4. A print dialog will appear, allowing you to print the payment receipt directly or save it as a PDF.

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