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Creating and Deleting Discount Codes
Creating and Deleting Discount Codes

Learn How to Create and Delete Discount Codes For Your Customers in TWICE

Updated over a week ago

Discount codes are versatile tools in TWICE that can be used for sales promotions, creating gift cards, or as an effective method for affiliate marketing programs.

Creating a Discount Code

  1. Install the Add-On: Navigate to your Add-Ons and install the Discount Codes add-on.

  2. Navigate to Discount Settings: Go to Catalog > Discounts.

  3. Create a New Code:

    • Click New Discount Code.

    • Enter the code that customers will use.

    • Choose the discount type (percentage or fixed amount).

    • Specify the discount application (entire order, specific products, or categories).

    • Set usage limits if applicable, such as for gift cards.

    • Opt to limit the discount to a specific time period.

    • Click Create Discount Code.

Deleting a Discount Code

  1. Access Discount Settings: In Catalog > Discounts, select the discount code you wish to delete.

  2. Remove the Code: Click on the More dropdown and choose Delete.

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