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Editing Customer Details
Editing Customer Details

How to Edit Customer Details in an Existing Order

Updated over a week ago

You may need to update customer information in an existing order for various reasons. Editing capabilities vary depending on the order status, with more limitations on completed orders.

Editing Individual Customer Details

Editing details for a single customer is available for upcoming, active, or pending orders. For completed orders, only contact details can be modified.

  1. Access the Customer Card:

    • Navigate to the respective order.

    • Click the more icon (the three vertical dots) next to the customer's name on their customer card.

  2. Edit Customer Information:

    • Select Edit details from the dropdown menu.

    • Make the necessary changes to the customer's information.

    • Click Save to update the details.

Editing Contact Details for the Entire Order

To edit the primary contact details for the entire order, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Primary Contact:

    • Click the arrow-down icon next to the responsible customer's name in the right panel of the order details.

  2. Edit Contact Information:

    • Select Edit details.

    • Make the necessary changes to the contact information.

    • Click Update to save the changes.


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