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Creating Manual Payment Methods
Creating Manual Payment Methods

How to Set Up Custom Payment Methods in TWICE

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Offering a variety of payment options is crucial for catering to customer preferences and enhancing convenience in your online store. This article guides you through setting up manual payment methods in TWICE, allowing you to accept payments such as bank transfers, in-store payments, or invoices directly from your customers. These manual payment methods are ideal for businesses that need flexibility in payment processing, especially those operating in regions or industries with specific payment preferences.

Availability of Manual Payment Methods Add-on:

The Manual Payment Methods Add-on is available on the Discover, Build, and Advance plans. On the Free plan, TWICE provides a predefined manual payment method titled "Test Payments" to help ensure your setup is correct and functioning smoothly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Manual Payment Method:

  1. Install the Manual Payment Methods Add-on by navigating to Add-ons in your TWICE dashboard. Install the Manual Payment Methods Add-on to get started.

  2. Start the configuration by navigating to Account > Payments

  3. Add a New Payment Method: Click on Add Method within the Manual Payments section:

    1. Enter the payment method's name, e.g., Bank Transfer.

    2. Provide detailed instructions for your customers, such as "Please transfer funds to our account FI12 3456789012 one day before the booking start date."

  4. Activate the Payment Method: After entering the details, save your configuration and switch the toggle to activate. This will make the payment method visible and selectable by customers during checkout, as well as on their order confirmation screen and email.

  5. Deactivating a Payment Method: Should you decide to discontinue a particular payment method, you can deactivate it anytime. Navigate to Account > Payments, locate the payment method under the Manual Payments card, and turn off the toggle. It can be reactivated whenever you choose.

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