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3.Connecting Products to Inventory

Define Your Product's Quantity and Availability by Connecting It to Your Inventory in TWICE

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Linking your products to inventory articles is a pivotal step in managing your product's availability and ensuring customers have access to your items without the risk of overbooking.

Why Connect a Product to Inventory?

Without linking products to specific inventory articles, TWICE cannot determine the available quantity, which results in an assumption of unlimited availability. To accurately reflect your inventory's capacity and avoid overbooking, it's essential to establish these connections.

Connecting a Product to the Inventory

  1. Prepare Your SKU and Articles: Ensure you have an SKU and corresponding articles created for your product.

  2. Edit Your Product: In the Catalog, select the product you want to edit.

  3. Access Availability Settings: Open the product's Availability tab.

  4. Connect to Inventory: Click on Connect to Inventory and select the appropriate SKU from the dropdown menu.

  5. Check Availability: The "In stock" indicator will show the total number of articles available, split by those available for rental versus sale.


Simple Example: For a kayak rental service with 3 kayaks:

  1. Create a Product: e.g., Single Person Kayak.

  2. Create an SKU: e.g., KAYAK, in your inventory.

  3. Create Articles: Within this SKU, create individual articles, such as Kayak1, Kayak2, and Kayak3.

  4. Link SKU to Product: In your product's Availability tab, link the SKU KAYAK to ensure only 3 kayaks are rentable simultaneously.

One SKU can be connected to multiple products. For instance, the same SKU, KAYAK, can be linked to a "Kayak Tour" product, which consists of a tour guide additionally to the kayak itself, to utilize shared availability.

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