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1. Creating Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)

Learn How to Create Your Stock Keeping Units in TWICE

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Understanding how to create Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in TWICE is a critical step in organizing your inventory and streamlining your product management.

Creating SKUs in TWICE

  1. Navigate to Inventory: In your TWICE Admin, access the Inventory section via the main menu and select Stock Keeping Units.

  2. Add New SKUs: Click on Add SKUs and fill in the essential details:

    • SKU Name: Assign a human-readable name to your SKU.

    • SKU Code: Create a unique identifier for your SKU.

    • Tracking Type: Decide if you'll track each product individually (with a serial number, for instance) or in bulk (focusing on quantity).

Example of SKU Creation

Imagine you're adding a new SKU for red Bike in size L, which you want to track individually. The setup might be as follows:

  • SKU Name: Red Bike Size L

  • SKU Code: BIKE-R-L

  • Tracking Type: Track each bike individually

Additional Resources

  • For more comprehensive information on Stock Keeping Units, you can refer to our general guide here.

  • Learn how to edit or delete SKUs in our detailed instructions here.

Next Steps

โ†’ Proceed to the next phase by creating articles for your SKU here.

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