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Category Terms

How to Upload Category-Specific Terms of Use

Updated over a week ago

Managing your policy documents effectively is crucial for enhancing customer experience and avoiding disputes. If the terms of use vary across your product catalog, setting up category-specific terms can be beneficial.

How to Add Category-Specific Terms?

  1. Install the Category Terms Add-On: Begin by installing the Category Terms Add-On available in your TWICE Add-Ons.

  2. Navigate to Categories: In your TWICE Admin, go to Products > Categories.

  3. Select a Category: From the category list, click on the category to which you want to add terms.

  4. Upload Terms: Scroll to the Terms section and upload your Terms of Use document in .pdf format.

  5. Save Changes: Ensure you save the changes to update the category with the new terms.

Additional Information:

  • Customer Interaction: Once uploaded, these category-specific terms are automatically presented for review and acceptance by the customers during the checkout process.

  • Order Confirmation: The terms are attached as a PDF file to the order confirmation email, ensuring that all necessary information is transparent and accessible to the customer.

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