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Adjusting Measurement Units

Learn How to Set Measurement Units According to Your Region in TWICE

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Ensuring that the measurement units displayed in your TWICE store are appropriate for your target market is essential for a seamless and intuitive shopping experience. Whether your business operates on a global scale or caters to local markets, TWICE allows you to customize measurement units to align with regional preferences.

Adjusting your Measurement Units

  1. In your TWICE Admin, navigate to Account > Regional Formats.

  2. Within the Localization section, find the Measurement Units title and choose from the dropdown menu

    • Metric System: kg, m & cm

    • US System: lb, ft & in

    • UK System: st, ft & in

Choosing the correct measurement system is crucial for ensuring that product sizes, weights, and volumes are communicated in a manner that is most familiar to your customers. This not only aids in avoiding confusion but also helps in making your product listings more relatable and easier to understand, potentially increasing customer satisfaction and sales conversions.

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