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Using the Product Gallery Widget

How to use the Product Gallery Widget in your Wix Website Editor

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The Product Gallery Widget allows you to handpick specific TWICE catalog products for display on your website. Unlike the Store Page Widget that showcases your entire catalog, the Product Gallery Widget provides the flexibility to feature tailored selections of products.

  • Flexibility: You can add multiple Product Gallery Widgets, each displaying a different set of products in different places on your website.

  • Requirement: Your site must have a Store Page Widget (automatically added upon TWICE App installation) for the Product Gallery Widget to function properly.

  • Functionality: Clicking on a product in the gallery opens its product page within the Store Page Widget. If the Store Page Widget is missing, the product page won't open. If you prefer not to display the Store Page to visitors, you can hide the entire page where the widget is located.

How to use the Product Gallery Widget

  1. Open your Wix website editor and navigate to the page where you'd like to feature the widget.

  2. Add the widget by choosing App Widgets.

  3. Position the widget in your desired page section. Adjust its size by dragging the corners of its frame.

  4. Customize the widget by left-clicking on it and selecting Widget Settings. Here, you can toggle between product and category view and choose which items to display.

A screenshot of the Product gallery Widget in the Wix Website Editor, highlighting the Widget Settings.

By integrating the Product Gallery Widget into your Wix site, you gain the ability to curate and showcase specific TWICE products, enhancing the shopping experience for your visitors. This tool not only adds a layer of customization to your site but also ensures that your TWICE offerings align with your brand's aesthetic and marketing goals.

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