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Embedding TWICE on Your WIX Website
Updated over a week ago

Integrating TWICE with your Wix website allows you to showcase your online store within minutes. This straightforward guide will help you embed TWICE without needing any prior web development experience.

Note: If you are looking how to sell on your Wix Website via the TWICE Rentals App, head over to this article.

Step 1: Know Your Shop Name

Before you start, locate your Shop Name. You can find this information in your TWICE Admin under Account > Domains & URLs > URLs > Twice Domain Path.

Step 2: Install TWICE on Your Wix Website

To embed TWICE on your Wix site, follow these steps:

  1. Open Your Wix Website Editor: Select the page where you wish to add the TWICE store.

  2. Add a Wix Custom Element: Choose a section on the page and insert a Wix custom element.

    Screenshot showing the Wix Website Editor, when adding a new Custom Element.
  3. Set the Source: Click 'Choose source' in the custom element.

    • Server URL: Enter as the server URL.

    • Tag Name: Input twice-store into the Tag Name field.

  4. Set Attributes: Click on 'Set Attributes' in the custom element.

    • Name your attribute shop, and add your Shop name (see Step 1) to the value field.

Your TWICE online store should now be visible on your Wix website.

Step 3: Additional Possibilities

To further customize your store, you may want to embed specific categories or products:

  • Set Additional Attributes: Choose 'Set Attributes' again and add a new attribute "Category" or "Product", and input the respective Category ID or Product ID in the "Value" field. IDs can be found via TWICE Admin App > Catalog > Category/Product > URL ending.

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