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Showcasing TWICE products on your Wix site

How to add and display your TWICE rental products on your Wix website effectively

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Leverage the pre-installed Store Page Widget on your Wix website to showcase your TWICE products seamlessly. This widget automatically displays your entire TWICE catalog, offering a quick setup. Additionally, explore the Product Gallery Widget for more customized product displays.

What is the Store Page Widget

The Store Page Widget, which automatically appears on your /rentals page after TWICE App installation, displays all your TWICE products and categories. This integration is crucial for maintaining a seamless product showcase on your website.

Important: The /rentals page, along with the Store Page Widget, must not be renamed or removed. This restriction ensures that individual product pages (located at /rentals/productname) remain functional. If you prefer not to display the Store Page Widget to visitors, you may hide the visibility of the entire /rentals page within your Wix website settings.

Screenshot of a TWICE Store Page Widget displaying example products in a Wix website editor.

How to edit the Store Page Widget

  1. Access your Wix website editor and navigate to the page where you wish to feature the widget. (Remember to not delete the initially installed widget on /rentals)

  2. Locate and add the widget by selecting App Widgets.

  3. Position the widget in your desired page section. Adjust its size by dragging the corners of the widget frame. For design updates, click on change design.

To modify the order of categories or product visibility, right-click on the widget and choose Open dashboard. Proceed to make your adjustments in your TWICE Dashboard.

Screenshot of a Store Page Widget in a Wix Website Editor, highlighting the "open dashboard" button.

For detailed instructions on customizing and utilizing the Product Gallery Widget for specific product showcases, please refer to our dedicated article on this topic.

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