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Managing orders in your TWICE App on Wix

Learn how to effectively handle your TWICE orders within Wix

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Integrating TWICE rental orders with your Wix website streamlines the rental process, enabling efficient management of both sales and rentals. This guide focuses on navigating the TWICE and Wix dashboards to oversee new orders, ensuring the smooth processing of payments, shipments, and rental order completions.

Finding and editing TWICE orders in Wix

To adjust any TWICE order, navigate to TWICE Rentals Dashboard > Orders, where you can access all your rental orders—upcoming, active, and completed.

  • To modify an order, such as changing the rental period or adding more products, select the desired order first. For help finding a specific order, refer to the links below:

    • Upcoming orders: All rental orders scheduled to start today or in the future.

      Learn more about your upcoming orders.

    • Active orders: All ongoing rental orders, sorted by their return date.

      Discover more about your active orders.

    • Completed orders: All past, fulfilled, or canceled orders.

      Find out more about your completed orders.

Fulfilling TWICE orders in Wix

Orders are accessible through both the Wix and TWICE dashboards. Payment and shipping details are managed via Wix, whereas rental-specific tasks like starting and ending rentals are handled through TWICE.

  1. Locate all orders by heading to TWICE Rentals Dashboard > Orders.

  2. To start an upcoming order, click on the order, and then select the green Start button from the right-side panel. More details on order fulfillment are outlined here->.

  3. To conclude a rental, end the order to accurately update your product's availability on TWICE. For information on returning orders, check out this article ->.

Note: When reading through our help center: Payment related information does not apply when using the Twice App on Wix, as all payments are handled and managed through Wix's payment processing.

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