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Creating your Product Catalog in the Twice App

Instructions on creating and managing your rental product catalog in the TWICE app

Creating a detailed product catalog in TWICE is crucial for displaying your rental offerings effectively to customers. Integrating TWICE with your Wix dashboard allows for streamlined management of your products and categories, enriching the customer rental experience.

Accessing your TWICE Product Catalog

  1. Open your Wix dashboard.

  2. Locate and open the TWICE Rentals app

  3. In TWICE, click the Catalog option in the left menu.

For comprehensive instructions on setting up your rental products and inventory connection, visit the following sections of our Help Center:

Additional considerations

  • Features not available: When reading through our help center or watching tutorial videos you may encounter features you don't have access to. Some features may be present in TWICE as a standalone solution, like Delivery, and online payments, which aren't available in the TWICE Rentals app on Wix. These features are managed through Wix, ensuring a cohesive user experience.