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Key Features of the TWICE Rentals App

An Overview of the TWICE Rentals App's Core Functionalities

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TWICE stands as a robust and versatile Rentals App for Wix, offering a suite of tools and features to support your business from the ground up. Whether you're establishing a new online store or scaling an existing one, TWICE provides a solid foundation of features and enhances your rental experience from step one.

The Heart of the TWICE Rentals App

Our App equips you with everything necessary to launch, manage, and grow your rental business. Here’s an extract of what you can expect:

Direct Integration With Wix:

Only install the TWICE App and your TWICE Rental Products will be seamlessly integrated into your Wix Website. You can manage your offerings and orders directly from Your TWICE section in your Wix Dashboard. Your customers can place orders for your TWICE products online and pay for their orders in advance with your preferred payment methods set up on Wix.

Product Catalog:

Showcase your products with an intuitive catalog system, making it easy for customers to browse and shop.

Inventory Management System:

Stay on top of your stock levels with tools designed to simplify inventory tracking and management.

Order Management and Fulfillment System:

Streamline your order processing, from placement to delivery, ensuring a smooth operation.

Key Features of the TWICE Rentals App

  • Customer List: View your customer data at a glance, ready to be exported for your custom use.

  • Maintenance Time: Schedule downtime for products or services for maintenance, ensuring your catalog remains accurate and up-to-date.

  • Product Packages: Bundle products together to offer special deals and increase average order value.

  • Product Variants: Manage and sell products with different variants, such as size, color, or material, from a single listing.

  • Reports: Your key bookings, products, and customer data at a glance.

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