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When to use inventory export and import

Learn when it is best to use the inventory export and import function in Twice

Exporting and Importing your Inventory as a CSV file is a powerful tool that allows you to add and update a large amount of data in a short period of time.

The three most common use cases are to bring your existing inventory from another software to Rentle, add, and edit multiple articles or specifications at once.

Bringing your existing inventory to Rentle

You may already have an existing inventory which you want to move to Rentle. Most software supports exporting your inventory data as a CSV file. You can then use Excel or any other spreadsheet software to adjust the file to fit the import format of Rentle, and quickly import your whole inventory to Twice at once.

Adding new articles and SKUs

When adding new inventory articles, all essential data, such as article codes, SKUs, and other article specifications might already be in a spreadsheet. With inventory import, it's easy to upload all the new articles and their data using a CSV file, and they will be added to your inventory in an instant. Adding a lot of new articles manually to Twice is often very tedious, but it is quickly done with the import functionality.

Editing multiple articles at once

Sometimes you need to update multiple articles at once. You might want to mark multiple items as Out of use, or add a new Specification column for all your inventory articles. With inventory import, that is as easy as exporting your existing inventory as a CSV, editing it using your preferred spreadsheet software, and importing the data back to Rentle.

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