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Exporting Your Accounting Reports
Exporting Your Accounting Reports

How to Utilize Various Export and Print Options for Your Accounting Reports

Updated over a week ago

This article outlines the comprehensive options available for exporting or printing your accounting reports directly from your TWICE account, ensuring you have the flexibility to use your financial data in a way that best suits your business needs.

Print Your Current View

At the top right of the accounting page, you will find a PRINT button. Clicking this button will open a print preview of the current view on your screen. This feature allows you to physically print the exact data you are viewing, making it easy to share or review your accounting information offline.

Export Individual Tables

Each table within the accounting report is equipped with an Export button. Selecting this option will download a .CSV file of the table's data. These .CSV files can be integrated into your accounting software, enabling efficient data management and analysis.

Comprehensive Data Export Options

Located at the bottom of the accounting page is the Data Export area, which offers two distinct exporting options:

  • Transactions: Choosing this option will generate a .CSV file where each row represents an individual transaction, i.e. customer payments. This export is ideal for users who need a straightforward, transaction-by-transaction view of their financial activity.

  • Line Items: Opting for line items will produce a .CSV file that details each paid product as its own row. This level of detail is beneficial for analyzing specific product performance, understanding sales trends, or preparing detailed financial reports.

Utilizing Exported Data

The exported .CSV files provide a versatile format that can be easily used in various accounting software or for custom analysis purposes. Whether you are preparing for tax season, conducting a financial review, or analyzing sales trends, these export options ensure you have access to your financial data in the most useful format.

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