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Uploading your policy documents

How to upload and have your customers accept your policy documents when they make a booking

Your policy documents are important part of the customer experience and help you avoid disagreements when everything don't go as planned. You can add the following policies to your Twice store:

  • Term of service
  • Privacy policy
  • Cancellation policy

After you add your policies, they will be visible at checkout across all sales channels and attached to a booking confirmation email.

Add your policy documents

  1. From your Twice admin, go to Account > Terms & Policies
  2. Upload your Privacy policy and Terms of Service documents in .pdf format.
  3. Save changes.

Note: It is on the merchant's responsibility to ensure their policy documents are in line with their local legislation and are legally binding.

Define your cancellation policy

  1. Scroll down and in the Cancellation policy section, click Add term.
  2. Define how many hours, days or weeks before the order starts customers can cancel.
  3. Add a refund rate in percent
  4. Click Done to Save changes.

Suppose you refund the full price if cancellation happens at least three days (72 hours) before a booking start; you refund the half-price if cancellation occurs 24-72 hours before a booking, and you don't refund if cancellation occurs less than one day before a booking.In this case, your settings will be: