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Updating your deprecated Twice Webhooks

How to update your old Twice Webhooks to use the new Twice API structure

Twice API got a significant update on the beginning of 2023 when we released the Twice Admin API. The new Admin API documentation can be found at https://api.rentle.io/admin. With the update, we also stopped actively updating the old Twice API (https://api.rentle.io/docs). The old API will reach the end of the support on 31.8.2023. This means that this API no longer receives updates or maintenance, and it might stop working.

If Twice customers have created Twice Webhooks prior to the new Twice Admin API release, these Webhooks use the old Twice API document structure. While we will still keep on sending the old webhooks, they will also not receive further maintenance or any updates after 31.8.2023, and might stop working in the future.

How do you know if your Webhooks are affected?

To know if your Webhooks are using an old API version, you can navigate to Account → Integrations, scroll down to Webhooks section, and see if any Webhooks show “Deprecated” in the Version column. You should also see a warning above the Webhooks section about some of your Webhooks needing to be updated. If you see no Webhooks as “Deprecated”, there are no actions needed on your side. If you see deprecated Webhooks, you should update them.

How to update your old Webhooks?

To update your old Webhooks, you should create a new webhook for the same action, verify that it works, and then remove the old webhook. All new Webhooks are automatically using the new Twice Admin API. A guide on how to create new Webhooks can be found at: https://support.twicecommerce.com/creating-webhooks.

There might be small differences in the data structure of the new Webhooks compared to the old Webhook data structure, so ensure that your service correctly handles the data structure of the new Webhooks. You can find the API documentation for the new Webhooks and their data structure at: https://api.rentle.io/admin/#tag/WebhooksOverview.

If you have any further questions related to the update, please be in touch with our support.