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Setting up private activities and lessons

How to create private lessons and activities in Twice

In addition to physical products, you can also set up intangible products, such as private lessons and activities for your customers.

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What are private lessons?

How to create private lessons without equipment

How to create private lessons with equipment

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What are private lessons?

As private lessons, we understand an activity available to one customer or one group of customers guided by an instructor.

For example:

Photography course for one customer

Private skiing lessons for a small group of friends

Guided bike tours for a company team

How to create private lessons

Private lessons can be created similar to a physical product for rent the only difference is, you won't connect an item to the product, but an instructor or teacher, which will limit its availability.

  1. From your catalog select new product.
  2. Enter the course name, description, and define any booking price (we will adjust this in the next step) and click Create Product
  3. In the pricing tab choose the pricing table define the length of the course and its price. You may have just one course option available or offer multiple durations - you can define multiple options here. In our example, we just offer a 3 hour surf lesson.
  4. In the availability tab connect the course to the inventory --> Instead of a physical item you will create an SKU for your instructors / coaches. In our example we have two coaches in our surf school.
  5. In the availability tab you can define, when your courses are available to your customers. You can choose to set them daily to start at a specific time, or at selected dates only. In our example, our surf lessons are available every day at 10:00 and 15:00.

That's it - your customers can now book time with one of your instructors at the defined price and times.

Tip: You can upsell relevant equipment by adding necessary products as recommended products. This way you can for instance recommend specific surfboards or wetsuits with the course.

How to create private lessons with equipment

You can also combine booking a time slot with one of your instructors with your rental equipment by setting up a product package.

Note: To use this feature, make sure to upgrade your Twice Plan to Discover, Build, or Advance.

  1. Set up your equipment - this can be publicly visible to your other customers, who book the equipment only, or you can also decide to hide it, if this particular equipment is just available in combination with a lesson. In our example we have 25 surfboards, which are available to all our customers.
  2. Set up your instructors as an own product - In our example we have 2 surf instructors in our school.
  3. Create a product package to combine your equipment and guides. When creating a new product, tick the box: "This is a package product" and add the two products created in step 1. and 2.
  4. In the availability tab you can now see the availability of each product that is included in the package. Just when both single products are available, an order can be placed.
  5. Finalize the product by setting a correct Price and define the Start times

That's it - your customers can now book a private lesson including the necessary rental equipment.

More tips and tricks

  • The same instructor can be connected to multiple courses. So, if one instructor teaches skiing as well as snowboarding, you can create two different courses for your customers. If one course is booked, the instructor won't be available at the same time slot to hold a second course.
  • With Product Variants you can create an additional selector for your customers when placing an order. This can be used for multiple scenarios, such as offering additional services like lunch breaks to the lessons, and set an additional fee to be charged.
  • In the product settings under customer information you can enable additional information to be collected from your customers after the checkout process. This is most often used in the sporting industry. You can currently select to ask for:
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Shoe size
    • Experience level
    • Age
    • Stance