Product Settings

Recommending additional products

How to recommend additional products for your customers

Product recommendations are a great upselling method and a way to increase the average order value per customer. For example, a helmet or a lock can be useful add-ons to a bicycle. The possibilities for upselling and product recommendations are numerous.

How to recommend additional products:

  1. Navigate to your Catalog > Products > [Select the main product you want to add recommendations to] > Settings.
  2. In the section Additional products click on Search products
  3. Type the name of the product you want to add. It will appear in the list below/above the search bar. Select the product(s) you wish to recommend.

You can add multiple products as additional products and rearrange with the arrows in which order they should show up. Remember to save your changes.

The image below shows how the product recommendations look to your customers when they shop in your online store.

Tip: If you want certain products to just be available in combination with another booking, you can set the recommended product's status to Hidden. This way a Helmet for example will not be available directly in your online store, but just as a recommended product for the main product bike.