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Information on Twice Pricing Plans

How much does Twice cost and what is the invoicing process

There is no one specific pricing model that suits everyone, which is why Twice offers several pricing plans on flexible billing cycles. Each Twice Pricing Plan compromises of different features and fees. 

You can always start with Twice Free to learn the basics of renting and selling your products and building your online store. From here, you can always upgrade your plan and add more features to your store.

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Plan fees explained

Monthly price

Billing cycle

Payment Method

Plan fees explained

All Twice Plans consist of

  • a monthly subscription price
  • payment transaction fees for online payments
  • potential additional charges for additional store locations

Compare our pricing plans to get an overview of all included features and charges.

Monthly and annual price

The monthly subscription price is a recurring charge depending on the chosen Plan for using Twice and its services.

The associated price is automatically charged from your verified credit or debit card and you receive the respective invoice for each billing cycle in advance. Remember to verify your VAT number if applicable.

Save 25% of the monthly subscription fee, by paying your Twice invoices annually.

Billing Cycle

Each billing cycle is a 30-day interval at which Twice invoices your monthly subscription price and respective fees for used merchant solutions. You can extend your billing cycle to be charged once a year or even every two years to earn a discount.

Payment Method

Your invoices are paid using the payment card marked as your default payment method in your Account > Plan & Billing. Learn here how to add and edit your payment methods used to pay your Twice invoices.