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Switching Your TWICE Plan

Learn how to change your TWICE subscription

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Changing your TWICE plan is a straightforward process designed to ensure flexibility and satisfaction with your subscription. Whether you're looking to upgrade for more features or downgrade to suit your current needs, TWICE accommodates your plan changes smoothly anytime, without charging twice.

How to Change Your Plan

  1. Open the TWICE Admin App and select Account > Plan & Billing.

  2. In the Plan section, click on Change Plan.

  3. Choose your new plan by selecting Choose Plan.

How to Downgrade to TWICE Free

  1. Open the TWICE Admin App and select Account > Plan & Billing.

  2. In the Plan section, click on Change Plan.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Downgrade to Free.

    Note that you'll be asked if you want to put your Plan on Pause instead. Select according to your choice.

Changing Your Plan Mid-Billing Cycle

TWICE offers the flexibility to change your plan at any time, backed by a considerate refund policy. This policy utilizes TWICE Credits and a Plan Change Discount for any unused days in your current billing cycle, ensuring you only pay for what you use.

  • Refunds for Unused Days: When you switch plans mid-billing cycle, you'll receive a refund for the unused days of your current plan, which will appear as a Plan Change Discount.

  • Example: If your subscription is $30 (with 30-day billing cycles), and you change plans after 20 days, you'll receive $10 in TWICE Credits for the unused 10 days. These credits will then apply to your new plan payments.

  • Overage Credits: If your Plan Change Discount exceeds the cost of your new plan, the extra amount will be converted into TWICE Credits for future invoices.

Note: TWICE Credits are valid for 12 months and can be viewed under your Plan & Billing page. If you have credits, they'll be displayed at the top of the page and automatically applied to your next subscription payment.

This policy not only provides you with the flexibility to switch plans as your needs evolve but also ensures that you are economically compensated for any changes made during your billing cycle.

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