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Status types

View your listings

Navigate to the Resale Section of Twice to get an overview of all your listings or create a new listing.

In the overview, you'll see each listing's thumbnail and title, the listing's Status, the Price (currency), and the dates you created and potentially updated the listing.

Status types

In the Overview, multiple different status types can be seen. The possible status types are:


This listing has been successfully created and is now accessible to customers via its unique URL. It means that the item is live and available for viewing and purchase.


A customer clicked the 'buy' button on the listing. At this point, the item is no longer available for others to purchase, securing it for the customer. However, the order is not yet finalized or fulfilled.

Possible actions: Mark as sold, Mark as completed


A listing is in an unpublished state, allowing you to refine and adjust details without making it immediately available to your audience. It's a stage where the listing is being fine-tuned and edited without having it live for your audience to access.

Possible actions: Publish, Mark as completed


This status appears only when actively marking a listing as sold, indicating that the item has been purchased, and the associated payment has been received.


This status appears only when actively marking a listing as completed. This indicates that the sales process has been successfully finalized. It signifies that the transaction and handover process have been concluded, indicating a successful completion of the sale.

Select the three dots on the right of each listing to perform a task. Read more