Product Availability

Limiting orders per start time

How to limit the orders you want to take in for a product per start time

By default, each product is created with no limit, meaning just your product's availability as defined in the inventory limit how many products can be ordered at the same time.

Orders can be limited by setting a maximum amount of bookings you will accept per start time.

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How to limit orders per start time

Why limit orders per start time?

How to limit orders per start time:

  1. Navigate to your Catalog > Product and open the product you want to edit
  2. Open the availability tab
  3. scroll down to capacity
  4. Set how many orders you want to accept per start time.

In the example above the capacity is limited to 1 order per start time.

Caution: This setting limits how many orders you allow per start time, not how many products.

Why limit orders per start time?

There are multiple reasons to restrict a product's availability per start time. The most common use case of our merchants is for

Private courses and activities

Customers can book activities or courses for themselves and their group. By limiting the capacity to just one order per start time, you ensure you just take one guided tour at a time.

Products that require introduction

Rental products may require an introduction on how to use them. By limiting the capacity per start time, you ensure you will have enough time for your customers. Especially helpful for small businesses with limited staff.