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Embedding Twice on your Squarespace website

How to embed your Twice online store on a website built with Squarespace

This guide will show you how to install (embed) Twice to your Squarespace website. It will take approximately 5 minutes and you don't need any prior web development experience to do this.

Watch our Twice Academy tutorial and find the written instructions below.

On this page

  1. Open the Twice Embed builder
  2. Add the script tag
  3. Add your Twice store

1. Open the Twice Embed Builder

The Twice embed builder at provides you with the correct code snippets that you can easily copy and then paste into the right sections of your Squarespace website as outlined below.

Here is how to use the Twice Embed Builder ->

2. Add the script tag

  1. Log in to your website on Squarespace
  2. Navigate to the page on which you want to embed your Twice Store
  3. Click the settings iconCog - Free ui icons and choose advanced
  4. Copy the script tag from the Twice Embed Builder and paste it in the Page Header Code Injection field

3. Add your Twice Store

  1. Click Edit on the same page.
  2. Click Add Section where you want your store to be displayed.
  3. In the menu that opens up, click Add Blank +, to get a new blank section
  4. Click the +Add Block icon within this new section to add a new block.
  5. Within the menu that opens up, select Embed.

    In the dialog that opens, make sure the Mode is set to Code Snippet

  6. Paste the code snippet you copied from the Twice Embed Builder in the embed data text box
  7. Close the dialog, and you are done! You now have Twice embedded on your Squarespace website. Well done!

You can now adjust the height and width of your embedded store easily so it fits best in your website.

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