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Embedding TWICE on Your Weebly Website

How to Install Your TWICE Online Store on a Website Built with Weebly

Updated over a week ago

Adding TWICE to your Weebly website is efficient and does not require web development skills. Follow this guide to embed your online store in less than 10 minutes.

Step 1: Know Your Shop Name

First, locate your Shop name in your TWICE Admin under Account > Domains & URLs > URLs > Twice Domain Path.

Step 2: Install TWICE on Your Weebly Website

1. Open the TWICE Embed Builder

Start by accessing the TWICE Embed Builder at to get the correct code snippets.

2. Add the Script Tag

  • Insert Script Tag: Go to SEO settings under the page settings and add the script tag from the Embed Builder in the Header Code field.

3. Add Your TWICE Store

  • Open Weebly Editor: Select the page to install your TWICE store.

  • Add an Embed Code Element: Choose a section and add an Embed Code element

  • Edit Custom HTML: Click Edit Custom HTML and add the code snippet form the Embed Builder.

Great! Publish your website and your Twice online store should be visible on the selected page.

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