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Switching your Twice Plan

How to change your billing plan in Twice

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Changing your plan

Change your plan in the middle of a billing cycle

What are Twice Credits

How to delete a Twice Account

Changing your plan

  1. From your Twice Admin App, click Account -> Plan & Billing
  2. Under the first section Plan, Click on Change Plan
  3. Select your new plan and click Choose Plan

Caution: Every Twice plans has some Twice Add-Ons included. If you are downgrading your plan, you may need to uninstall some of your Add-Ons.

Changing your plan in the middle of a billing cycle

You can change your Twice plan at anytime! We have a flexible refund policy with the help of Twice Credits and a Plan Change Discount for the unused days of your current plan's billing cycle.

When downgrading your plan to a cheaper plan, you will be refunded the unused days of the subscription you have paid for on your current plan. For the first invoice of your new plan you will only pay for the remaining days of your billing cycle. The refund will be displayed as a Plan change discount before changing to your new plan.

If the total of your discounts exceeds the subscription price of your new plan, the remainder of the plan change discount will be given to you as Twice Credits to pay for upcoming invoices.

What are Twice Credits

Twice Credits are our way of making it flexible to change your plan at anytime. When changing your plan, we refund the unused days of the subscription you have paid for your current plan. If the refund exceeds the price of your new plan the remainder is given to you as Twice Credits. Twice Credits are used to pay for your upcoming subscriptions. Any available Twice Credits will be automatically used for you to pay for your next subscription.

To check how many Twice Credits you have available, visit your Plan & Billing page. If you have credits available they will be displayed as a banner on the top of the page.

When will my credits expire?

Your Twice Credits are valid for 12 months after being issued to you.

Deleting a Twice Account

To delete your account, reach out to us vie our support chat by logging in to your Twice Admin App and clicking on the Help & Support chat from the main menu.

We highly appreciate if you let us know why Twice is not working for you. This helps us understanding what features we need to improve to win you back.